Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trivia Quiz

I’ve seen a few of these lately, but they haven’t been too impressive. (“What unimportant player was White in this game from an obscure local tournament no one has ever heard of?”) The questions below can be answered by anyone willing to do the work. If you can answer them without doing any research, congratulations. No, there isn’t any prize.

1) What were Lionel Kieseritsky’s middle names?

2) What is the move of a Dababba?

3) What was Pillsbury’s tournament record against Emanuel Lasker?

4) Who finished second in the 2nd World Correspondence Championship?

5) Who won the 19th Trebitsch Memorial, Vienna 1936?

6) What two masters wrote a play called “Do Horses Eat Meat”?

7) What was Herman Steiner’s score in the 1952 Interzonal?

8) What was the time conrtol at the London tournament of 1883?

9) What were the first names of Caro and Kann?

10) Who finished last in the 1944 U.S. Championship?

Click here for the answers.

1 comment:

Wahrheit said...

Two out of 10 without looking--is that good? :)

I remembered Pillsbury's score against Lasker from an old book I read, and the authors of the play from somewhere or other--I believe Evans once wrote that Turner spent his weekends writing plays "in the style of Ionesco," and from the title it sounds like this one was also.

Anyone who remembers Louis Persinger's score in the '44 US Ch. is to be heartily congratulated.