Saturday, March 29, 2008

Western Pacific Open, Day 2

The 3- and 2-day schedules have now merged, with a total of 91 players. The 35-player Open section featured three GMs and two IMs, but one of the GMs has already fallen by the wayside, as GM Melikset Khachiyan withdrew after a second-round loss to San Diego master Ron Bruno. Going into round three, six players are tied for the lead with 2-0: GMs Mark Paragua and Darwin Laylo, IMs Enrico Sevillano and Tim Taylor, and masters Pedram Atoufi and Ron Bruno. As before, complete standings may be found here.

John Daniel Bryant - Jim Chao,J [C03]
6th Western Pacific Open G/75 (1), 29.03.2008
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 h6 4.Ngf3 c5 5.exd5 exd5 6.Bb5+ Nc6 7.0-0 Nf6 8.Re1+ Be6 9.Ne5 Qb6 10.Qe2 cxd4 11.Nxf7 Kxf7 12.Qxe6+ Kg6 13.Bd3+ 1-0

IM Tim Taylor - Gregg Small [D03]
6th Western Pacific Open (2), 29.03.2008

1.d4 d5 2.Nc3 e6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e3 Nbd7 6.Bd3 0-0 7.h4 c5 8.Qd2 c4 9.Be2 Bb4 10.Ne5 Nxe5 11.dxe5 Ne4 12.Bxd8 Nxd2 13.Kxd2 Rxd8 14.Rad1 Bd7 15.Kc1 Bc6 16.Nb1 b5 17.Nd2 c3 18.Nf3 cxb2+ 19.Kxb2 Rdc8 20.Nd4 Bd7 21.Rd3 a6 22.h5 h6 23.Rh4 Ba5 24.f4 Rc7 25.Ra3 Bb4 26.Rb3 Bc5 27.a3 Rac8 28.Bd3 f6 29.exf6 gxf6 30.Rg4+ Kf7 31.Rg6 Bf8 32.e4 dxe4 33.Bxe4 Rc4 34.Rd3 Be8 35.f5 e5 36.Bd5+ Ke7 37.Bxc4 bxc4 38.Re3 Rd8 39.Ne6 Rb8+ 40.Kc3 Bxg6 41.hxg6 1-0

Ron Bruno - GM Melikset Khachiyan [C63]
6th Western Pacific Open (2), 29.03.2008

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 f5 4.Nc3 fxe4 5.Nxe4 Nf6 6.Qe2 d5 7.Nxf6+ gxf6 8.d4 Bg7 9.dxe5 0-0 10.Bxc6 bxc6 11.e6 Re8 12.Nd4 c5 13.Nf5 Rxe6 14.Be3 Bf8 15.0-0-0 Re5 16.g4 d4 17.f4 Rxe3 18.Qxe3 Bb7 19.Qe6+ Kh8 20.Rhg1 Bd5 21.Qa6 Rb8 22.Rde1 Rb6 23.Qa4 Bc6 24.Qc4 Bd5 25.Qe2 Be6 26.Qe4 Qc8 27.Rg3 Bf7 28.Ne7 Qe6 29.Qxe6 Bxe6 30.Nf5 Kg8 31.Rh3 a5 32.a4 Bd7 33.Ne7+ Kg7 34.Rh5 Bxg4 35.Rg1 Bxe7 36.Rxg4+ Kf8 37.Rxh7 Re6 38.Rh8+ Kf7 39.f5 Re5 40.Rh7+ Kf8 41.Rh8+ Kf7 42.Rgh4 Bf8 43.R4h7+ Bg7 44.Rc8 1-0

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