Monday, July 7, 2008

48th Pacific Southwest Open final

In a dramatic finish, IM Tim Taylor and master Gregg Small tied for first in the 2008 PSW with 5-1. Taylor held the draw against IM Enrico Sevillano, who trailed him by half a point, while Small upset IM Jack Peters on Board 2. Next at 4.5-1.5 were Sevillano, Joel Banawa, and Julian Landaw. In the Amateur section, Jose Eduardo swept the field with a perfect 6-0. Complete standings of all sections are available at the Western Chess web page.

Prize Winners

Open: 1st-2nd: IM Tim Taylor, Gregg Small, 5-1; 3rd-5th: IM Enrico Sevillano, Joel Banawa, Julian Landaw. 4½-1½; U2200: Sam Hamilton, Jeremy Stein, Takashi Kurosaki, Michael Yee, Matt Robertson, 4-2; U2000: 1st: Michael Brown, 4-2; 2nd-3rd: Bobby Hall, Konstantin Kavutskiy, Austin Hughes, 3½-2½.

Amateur: 1st: Alejandro Ruiz, 6-0; 2nd: Wendell Salveron, 5-1; 3rd: Naollin Olguin, 4½-1½; U1600: 1st: Anna Karapetyan, 3½-2½; 2nd-3rd: Henry Wang, Ryan Hughes, Daniel Gong, Zheng Zhu; Yash Pershad, Daniel Lin, David Minasyan, 3-3; U1400: Hariharan Ramachandran, Darren Chow, 3-3; U1200: Robert Bryan Martin, 1-5; Unrated: Theodore Zhenyu Gao, 2½-3½

Hexes: 1st: Richard Henderson, 3-0; 2nd-3rd: Jimmy Sweet, Aldrich Ong, 2-1.

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