Monday, March 16, 2009

Western Pacific Open final

IM Enrico Sevillano took first place in the 7th Annual Western Pacific Open, held at the LAX Hilton March 13-15, with 4.5 out of 5. Next at 4-1 were IM Jack Peters (who drew with Sevillano in the final round), Garush Manukuyan, and Gregg Small. In the Amateur (U2000) section, 10th-ranked Ryan Polsky had a tremendous tournament, scoring 4.5 and gaining over 60 rating points. Complete standings are posted on the Western Chess web page.

Prize Winners

1st: IM Enrico Sevillano, 4½-½; 2nd-4th: IM Jack Peters, Garush Manukyan, Gregg Small, 4-1; 5th: John Daniel Bryant, Ryan Porter, 3½-1½; U2200: Ryan Richardson, Varun Krishnan, 3-2.

1st: Ryan Polsky, 4½-½; 2nd-3rd: Gautam Nipanikar, Kenneth Poole, Steven Morford, 4-1; 1st-2nd U1800: Jason Kammerdiner, Michael Bynum, 3½-1½; 3rd U1800: Ernesto Soto, Ronald Morriss, 3½-1½; 1st-2nd U1600: Michael Phalen, David Connors, 3-2; 3rd U1600: Babken Krbashian, Crescen Tolentino, 2½-2½; U1400: Joseph Reynolds, 2½-2½; U1200: Jospeh Calderon, 2-3; Unrated: Hovhanes Melkonyan, 1½-3½

Section 1: Ray Wong, 2½-½
Section 2: Bryan Shapiro, Zaven Khachiyan, Antonio Malapira, Elijah Ullman, 2-1

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