Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amateur Team West final

Four teams tied with 5-1 in the 26th Annual U.S. Amateur Team West. First on tiebreak were the "ACA Beasts!," with John Daniel Bryant, Michael Yee, Vincent Huang and Santy Wong. Second went to "Yellow is Mellow" (Joel Banawa, Cau Duong Le, Takashi Kurosaki, Jonathan Soo Hoo and Stewart Yanez), and third to "OC Chess Club" (Alexandre Kretchetov, Takashi Iwamoto, Krishna Kaliannan and Michael Brown). "ACA Chess Club" (Enrico Sevillano, Andranik Matikozyan, Robert Feldstein and Michael Ambartsoumian) had to be content with the honor, though both Sevillano and Matikozyan (6-0!) took home board prizes. American Chess Academy deserves special mention, as in addition to first their teams won top Junior ("ACA -- The Dark Knights") and top U1800 ("ACA Youth"). Class prize winners are listed below, and you can click here for final standings.

U2100: Temple City High Rams (Tianye He, Roberet Xue, Terence Subn, Jim Chen Lee)
U2000: The Thompson Guide (Lawrence Stevens, Francisco Alonso, Tim Thompson, Ron Morris)
U1800: ACA Youth (Samuel Sevian, Paul Richter, David Minasyn, Daniel Mousseri)
U1600: Knights of Barook Opawma (Jay Stallings, Cheston Gunawan, Jackson Stallings, Thomas Emery Hart)
U1400: Voyage to the Bottom of the Pairings (Alan Karman, Daniel Giordani, Patrick Dailey, Debra Rothman)
College: Unrated Trojan Horse Surprise/USC (Riddhi Shah, Martin Diekhoff, Mohul Oswal, Junda Chen, Morgan Jones)
Junior: ACA -- The Dark Knights (Daniel Naroditsky, Christian Tanaka, Jared Tan, Eric Zhang)
Industrial: Northrop Grumman Advantage in Space (Phillip Jacobson, Robert Potts, Larry Miller, Sepehr Ebrahimi, David Anthopoulos)

Board Prizes
Board 1: IM Enrico Sevillano
Board 2: IM Andranik Matikozyan
Board 3: John Williams
Board 4: Jonathan Soo Hoo
Alternate: John Anderson

Team Name
1st: Voyage to the Bottom of the Pairings
2nd: Houston, We Have a Mate in Two Problem

Two and a half Beasts: Above, non-playing captain Jerry Yee receives the first-place trophy along with Michael Yee and Santy Wong, as John Daniel Bryant and Vincent Huang had already left for home.


JoelB said...

Hi John, you left out the name of our reserve Stewart Yanez on the team "Yellow is Mellow"

John Hillery said...

That's true. Since he played only one game in the first round, I'd forgotten about him.