Sunday, February 15, 2009

U.S. Amateur Team West, day 2

Sunday at the Amateur Team means the Scholastic tournament. This year saw a good turnout of 33 teams and 133 players. First round results are now posted, along with the first two rounds of the main event. Above: The Scholastic at the start of round 2; the Warner Center Marriott; and two of the cuter hotel guests. (We're sharing the Ballroom with a dog show, and today seems to be cocker spaniel day).


Karen Payne said...

Hello John,

I'm enjoying reading your blog on the team tournament from Rochester, NY. It is informative, well-written and entertaining. FYI: the dogs are King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, not Cockers. This probably has no meaning to most readers but only to us dog-afficianados! Thanks for the effort and skill in bringing the tournament to all of us off-site.

John Hillery said...

You're right! Ryan Polsky pointed that out to me after I posted it, but you caught me before I could change it.